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The photo-based work shown in this website is the outcome of investigations begun in 2015. The work has developed within projects that explore concepts of colonization, space and history through a dialogue with the physical environment. 


The dialogue between concept, physical reality and photographic field notes generated during the investigation remains fluid until (and sometimes after) the photographs are assembled, ordered and presented. The work's presentation can take the form of books, displayed photographic series or other formats that can mix photographs, text and physical elements designed to draw the viewer into their own dialogue with the project.

In the way I’ve approached the projects, the concept of colonization focuses on the control of surface, whether by humans, plants or other animals. The concept of

space and material is based on their interrelationship in creating what we perceive as the space we live within and move through. I would argue this created perception is also critical for plants and other animals. And the concept of history is based on the experience and effect of individual physical existence accumulated over time. This as opposed to, and in challenge to, the traditional concept of history which focuses on the collective effect of individuals and governments on the rest of us. 


For the presented work, each book should be seen as an art project in itself, and in that sense, this website can also be viewed as an art project. The display work attempts to reduce and present relationships within the collected documents in smaller, more concise forms. In this perspective the books can be approached as a form of conceptual documentation while each display series can be seen as a musical variation of the larger investigatory projects.

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