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       Volume 2.

Colonization and the Nature of Impermanence:

Notes on Mexico Beach

"On October 10, 2018,Hurricane Michael moved out of the Gulf of Mexico and crossed onto land through the resort community of Mexico Beach, Florida. With sudden violence, large parts of the town were washed or blown away by a 14 foot water surge and winds peaking at 160 miles per hour. An estimated 85 percent of houses, businesses and the rental properties servicing vacationers were destroyed or heavily damaged.

These photographs were taken five months later, when the town had entered a new, if unwelcome, state of normalcy. Local and state disaster funds had been exhausted. Federal relief funds were stalled by political fighting between Congress and the President of the United States. The physical landscape had fallen into a near static state of waiting." 

    - DCL

6 Pavement Debris Between Two Houses 775
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